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Want durable eyewear? Hinges matter!

We all know it’s important to take good care of our glasses so we don’t have to constantly repair them or buy replacements. But some people are harder on their eyeglasses than others. If you have a job where you’re on the move all day, or if you like to play very active sports like tennis or basketball, you may find your eyeglasses bending out of shape or breaking quite often. So how can you find durable eyewear that keeps up with your lifestyle? One easy way is to find a pair with the right hinges!

The hinge between the frame front and stem is one of the most likely targets for breakage or bending, since it’s the only part of the glasses that can actually move. If you’re tough on your glasses, choose a frame with a spring hinge. Also called flex hinges, these use — you guessed it — a spring to allow movements more than 90 degrees. These flexible hinges also moves with your head movements which means the frame can stay in place comfortably while you run, jump or move quickly.

Need something beyond regular flexibility? Check out frames with turbo hinges which is a type of flex hinge that can rotate a full 360 degrees without breaking! If you’re famous for sitting on your specs, these super-flexible glasses might be just the thing for you.

Not a fan of special hinges? Don’t worry — you still have options for flexible glasses. You can seek out glasses made of flexible, super-strong materials like titanium, which can stand up to more abuse than traditional acetate or wire frames. Reading glasses with flexible frames are also available. If you need something especially for sports activities, take a look at glasses or prescription goggles that are made especially for sports. Some of them have straps on the back to keep them on your head, and the flexible frames are made of plastic that withstand drops, hits with a ball and more.

At Red House Vision Centre, we carry a wide variety of durable eyewear styles that can stand up to even the most active lifestyles. Stop by soon to see what we’ve got in stock!

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