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How Do I Know If My Glasses Need to Be Readjusted?

Updated: Feb 29

Are your glasses too tight on the temples? Too loose on your head? Does something about your frames just not feel right?

Glasses Adjustment

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, or recently searched “glasses adjustment near me,” it’s likely your glasses need some professional attention! Here are some signs you might need to adjust your glasses:

1. Nose Marks

Eyeglasses nose pad marks

If your glasses' nose pads are leaving red marks, then it’s likely that they need a slight adjustment.

A competent optician should be able to handle this for you in just a few minutes!

2. Sliding Glasses

When the glasses' nose pads aren’t tight enough, they can slide down - super annoying when you’re trying to read or focus. Like too-tight pads, this is a simple fix.

3. Falling Glasses

Do your specs hit the floor when you bend over? They may need a glasses arm adjustment or some other type of fine-tuning. (This isn’t limited to ophthalmic frames, either - we also tighten sunglasses for our clients!)

4. Ear Pain

Ear pain due to wearing tight eyeglasses

Sometimes, glasses can cause soreness behind the ears or along the temples.

Slightly reshaping the temples will often help adjust glasses around the ears for maximum comfort.

5. Crooked Glasses

Crooked Eyeglasses

Bent frames can cause glasses to sit higher on one side of your face than the other.

Not only does this look bad, it can cause less-than-optimal vision. Our expert optician can provide a glasses adjustment for this, too!

At Red House Vision Centre, we provide free of charge glasses adjustments for everyone who comes by. Having any of the troubles above? Come and see us!

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