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Boy wearing children eyewear

Children Eyewear

At Red House Vision Centre, we prioritize the safety and comfort of your children's vision. We understand their active lifestyle and have meticulously selected our eyewear brands, ensuring durability, comfort, and style. 

Major Kids Eyeglasses Frames

Nike Kid’s Eyewear

Girl wearing Nike Kid's Eyewear

Enter the vibrant world of Nike Vision!


Our collection offers high-quality prescription glasses for children, tailored with the latest technology from Nike Vision.


With a spectrum of colors and diverse designs ranging from sporty to trendy, these frames are light, comfortable, and an absolute delight.

Modern Frames for Children

Next, we have the Modern collection. Tailored to deliver affordability without compromising style, these frames are light, comfortable, and perfect for the budding fashionista. You'll be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of sizes and colors.


Plus, in collaboration with Modern Optical, we offer free eyewear for JK and SK students through the Eye See Eye Learn program.

Modz Kids frames

High Quality Lenses for Kids

We use Hoya lenses which are made of great quality materials. You can also choose from a wide selection of coatings that suit your little one’s needs, such as anti-scratch and blue-light coatings.

Free Eyewear for JK and SK Student

Eye M Growing Program for Kids

Understanding the pace of change in children's prescriptions, we've designed the Eye-M-Growing program.


Avail a second pair of lenses for free, within 16 months of the initial purchase, or get a backup pair or sunglasses right away!

Sunglasses for your Child

Did we mention that we also have sunglasses? They're not just for style but crucial for protecting your children's eyes from harmful UV rays. Come check out our collection of stylish and sunglasses with great protection lenses.



Step into Red House Vision Centre or contact us to explore the best frames and lenses for your child. We offer eye exams on-site for all business days. Dr. Jane Yang also offers Myopia Control services - the control of the progression of short-sightednesses.


Contact us today!

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