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Contact Lens Solution

Contact Lens Fitting

Ensure optimal vision, comfort, and eye health with our professional contact lens fitting services.


Experience the precision of personalized contact lens fitting at our clinic. Our professional optometric services go beyond just prescribing eyewear. We excel in offering contact lens consultation, assessment, and fitting to ensure a comfortable and ideal match for your unique eye structure, just like Cinderella's perfect slipper.


With our skilled optometrist, you can enjoy a glasses-free lifestyle while maintaining optimal eye health.


Explore our range of services to find the perfect contact lens solution tailored for you.

Why is it important to have a contact lens fitting?

Choosing the right contact lenses goes beyond a simple prescription. Proper contact lens fitting is essential for your eyewear because it not only impacts your vision clarity but also affects your overall eye health and comfort. An ill-fitted contact lens can lead to discomfort, blurry vision, redness, and even serious eye infections and corneal damage. Therefore, it is essential to have an optometrist evaluate your eye and lenses to ensure a perfect fit, much like a key to a lock. Glasses and contact lens prescriptions are not the same.

At Red House Vision Centre, we understand the importance of precise contact lens fitting. Whether you are new to contact lenses or a seasoned wearer, contact us for a contact lens fitting session!

Who needs to get a contact lens fitting?

Contact lens fittings are not limited to those who are new to contact lenses. It is equally pertinent for seasoned contact lens wearers, especially those experiencing discomfort with their current lenses, or those whose vision or lifestyle needs have changed. Regular check-ups are also recommended to ensure the ongoing suitability of the lenses, as our eyes change over time.

What is the process for a contact lens fitting?

Your contact lens consultation begins with a comprehensive eye examination, where the optometrist will assess your vision and eye health. During the fitting process, you will be provided with a trial lens to ensure both comfort and clarity. Our skilled team will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your contact lenses feel comfortable and provide crystal-clear vision. You will be instructed on how to wear and remove the contact lenses, and how to properly take care of your contacts for optimal vision and eye health. We believe that your contact lenses should feel like a natural extension of your eyes, allowing you to enjoy a glasses-free lifestyle without any hassles.

How to order contact lenses afterward and on an ongoing basis?

Once your contact lenses are fitted to perfection, you can conveniently order them directly from our clinic. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the ordering process and provide a schedule for when to replace your lenses, ensuring you never run out of clear vision.

Regular follow-up visits are essential to maintain the ongoing suitability of your contact lenses. As your eyes change over time, our optometrist will reassess your needs to ensure your lenses continue to provide optimal vision and comfort. 

Experience a professional contact lens assessment at Red House Vision Centre. Our goal is to make the process of maintaining your glasses-free lifestyle as seamless and convenient as possible. Trust our dedicated team to deliver the best in vision care, personalized for you.


Visit us today for a comprehensive eye examination and contact lens fitting session to start enjoying the perfect pair of contact lenses that genuinely unlock the beauty of your eyes.

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