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Eye Disease

Emergency Eye Care

Don't let sudden eye issues keep you in the dark.


Whether you're seeing stars from flashes or floaters, feeling discomfort in a red, painful eye, or have experienced the shock of an ocular injury or trauma, we're here to help.


Our emergency eye care services prioritize vital attention, delivering speedy relief for your visual distress. Our dedicated emergency optometrist is on hand to offer immediate intervention when your sight is at stake.


Trust our emergency eye doctor to provide the urgent eye care you need, when you need it.

What's Considered an Eye Emergency?​​

Eye care emergencies demand immediate attention to prevent vision loss and serious eye damage. Learn to recognize signs of eye emergencies to seek timely intervention and successful treatment:

  • Sudden Loss of Vision: If you experience sudden, complete vision loss in one or both eyes, act promptly by seeking professional medical attention.

  • Eye Injury: Whether from foreign objects, chemicals, or trauma, any eye injury requires immediate evaluation and care.

  • Eye Pain: Take eye pain seriously, especially when accompanied by redness, swelling, or discharge. Seek immediate attention.

  • Flashes of Light or Floaters: The sudden onset of flashes of light or numerous floaters may indicate a retinal detachment, requiring urgent medical attention.

  • Chemical Exposure: In case of contact with hazardous substances, promptly flush the eyes with water and seek immediate medical assistance.

  • Sudden Onset of Eye Redness: Sudden and severe eye redness could signal infection or inflammation, necessitating immediate evaluation.

Eye care emergencies encompass a range of situations, including but not limited to:

  • Corneal Abrasions and Scratches

  • Chemical Eye Burns

  • Foreign Object in the Eye

  • Eye Infections and Inflammation

  • Sudden Onset of Eye Conditions (Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, etc.)

  • Eye Trauma from Accidents

​​What to Do in Case of an Eye Emergency - First Aid Guide

If you or someone you know experiences an eye emergency, follow these crucial steps before seeking professional medical help: 

  • Stay Calm: Avoid rubbing or touching the affected eye to prevent worsening the condition.

  • Flush the Eye: In chemical exposure cases, gently flush the eye with clean, lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Ensure the water stream is directed toward the inner corner to avoid affecting the other eye.

  • Protect the Eye: If a foreign object is embedded, don't attempt to remove it. Instead, cover the eye with a sterile dressing or paper cup and seek immediate medical attention.

  • No Pressure or Medication: Refrain from applying pressure or using eye drops or ointments without professional guidance.

  • Seek Emergency Eye Care: Contact an eye care professional, or urgent care center, or head to the nearest emergency room for immediate evaluation and treatment.

Emergency Number 

Dial [Emergency Eye Care Number] in case of an eye care emergency to receive prompt assistance from our experienced team of eye care specialists. At Red House Vision Centre, we prioritize immediate attention to eye emergencies. 

Reach out if you need urgent eye care assistance or have questions about eye care emergencies. Your vision matters, and we're here to provide exceptional care when you need it most.

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