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How to properly clean Glasses?

It’s a problem that glasses wearers are all too familiar with: No matter how diligent you are at cleaning eyeglasses, they always seem to be smudgy. Whether it’s fingerprints, grease from food, or just dust, build-up on your lenses can result in a less-than-clear field of vision. (And, let’s be honest: It’s just super annoying.) But there’s no need to go to a professional to brighten up your spectacles. Use these three tips for cleaning eyeglasses at home, and you’ll have crystal-clear views in no time!

Tip No. 1: Use microfiber. Because of the way it’s constructed, a microfiber lens cloth is better at picking up grease and dirt than tissues or the hem of your shirt. The tiny fibers in microfiber are electromagnetically charged, so they attract particles better than just a regular cotton cloth. You can pick up a microfiber lens cloth very inexpensively at most major retailers. Or come by Red House Vision Centre and we’ll give you one - no charge.

Tip No. 2: Choose cleaning solutions wisely. When you are deep cleaning eyeglasses, avoid traditional cleaners like window-washing fluid or ammonia. These cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage anti-reflective coating or other special treatments on your lenses. Eyeglass cleaner spray, which is gentle and non-corrosive, is a better bet. You can find eyeglasses lens cleaner at some retailers and most optometrists’ offices. Simply apply the spray to both sides of your lenses and wipe with a microfiber lens cloth. For even more convenience, use glasses wipes, which combine the cloth and cleaning spray into one product that’s great for using on the go. Don’t want to buy a spray or wipes? That’s fine too - a bit of liquid dish soap and warm water also work well for cleaning smudges.

Tip No. 3: Seek professional help. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there will still be some dust or dirt trapped in hard-to-reach places on your frames. But that doesn’t mean that deep cleaning eyeglasses is out of the question for you! Simply come in to Red House Vision Centre, and our trained staff will help you get them as clean as new.

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